Our Story

You can have a high quality, custom built furniture piece that will bring joy to your home and elevate your home space. We use the finest quality hardwood and is built to last the test of time. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we take pride in our work and love serving families and individuals with custom pieces.

The name “Pence Engineering” originates from John Pence’s Grandfather who built the original Tulsa Driller Statue.

John Pence turned a hobby into a greater passion by starting Pence Engineering in 2015 to make some extra income on the side. In 2019, he decided to go all in and the growth hasn’t stopped!

Pence Engineering is a trusted, respected, sought-after brand that provides show-stopping, high-caliber furniture at competitive prices for the everyday American. We love what we do!


Creating timeless pieces for your home and family.

Our Fan Favorites

  • Stunning Live Edge Tables
  • Barn Doors
  • TV Console
  • Cutting boards
  • Coffee tables
  • Essential OIl Racks

    Our Mission

    Pence Engineering brings joy to individuals with custom-built, timeless wooden pieces that elevate everyday life.

    Our Vision

    Pence Engineering exists to serve homes nation-wide with caliber wooden pieces and to serve our local community by educating the next generation, supporting other small busineses, and creating an environment of ‘home.’ 

    Meet John Pence

    John Pence, Owner

    My name is John and I hope you enjoy taking a look at my work. In addition to woodworking and craftsmanship, I’m a commercial pilot. I come from a long line of pilots in my family.

    In fact, my great grandfather, Ferris, was one of America’s first aviators in World War I, obtaining his license to fly before his drivers license. Fast forward thirty years to 1965 – his son, Edwin Pence, founded Pence Engineering as a structural engineering firm, designing such structures as the feet and foundation for the famous Tulsa Golden Driller statue at the Tulsa State Fairgrounds.

    Today, I’m honored to carry the name and legacy of Pence Engineering for my custom woodworking studio in Tulsa, OK. What started as a small hobby in my garage has grown into a full time passion that allows me to serve so many people and honor the tradition of quality and customization that my grandfather marked his with.

    At Pence Engineering, we are dedicated to bringing you handcrafted, one of a kind pieces for your home and work place. I look forward to hearing how we can serve you!

    Meet My Team

    Gloria Gordon

    Designer Consultant + Photographer

    A local artist, interior decorator, and photographer in Tulsa, Gloria brings over 10 years of experience with a mix of creative solutions and attention to detail on each project she works on. 

    Gloria lends a designer’s eye for projects that require an artistic flair to make sure the right scale, dimensions and colors are considered in creating a piece that you’re going to love and works in your space. From mixing custom colors to creative problem solving, she’s sure to come up with a solution uniquely suited to you. 

    As the lead photographer, she’ll get the final product styled and captured on camera to highlight the beauty of each piece. 

    When not consulting or photographing projects, she’s running an art shop at gloriajoy.com

    Gary Brooks


    A steel man from Pittsburgh, Gary moved to Tulsa in 1978. He was newly married and needed to find work.

    Eventually opening his own business named Brooks Fabrication, he’s been a staple in the blue collar industry of Tulsa ever since!

    Gary has been fabricating and forming metal for the last 40 years and is a master craftsmen building all the wow-mazing projects for Pence Engineering.

    Gary is always eager to help solve the latest challenge and no task seems to be too hard for him. He’s a huge asset to Pence Engineering!



    Marta Luvian 

    Website + Social Media Manager

    Marta is the owner of Anchor Marketing Co. which is based in Tulsa, OK and is thrilled to support Pence Engineering with digital marketing support.

    Marta has a proven track record of supporting small businesses around the United States so that they thrive in their digital marketing and grow. 

    Marta’s previous marketing experience began with an MBA from Oral Roberts University, leading marketing efforts for a Fortune 100 company, leading marketing efforts at a local startup, and overseeing the digital marketing efforts for a B2C midsize company in Tulsa

    Running Anchor Marketing Co. for the past 3 years, Marta and her team supports muli-million dollar clients and solopreneurs alike grow their online presence, increase website traffic, and strengthen their brand voice.

    Learn more at www.anchormarketingco.com