Pence Engineering has a passion to build an amazing, custom live edge wood table for any purpose. Whether you want a sweet office desk, maybe you’re looking for a dining room table, or maybe you want a cool coffee table for the mancave. No matter the purpose, when it comes to live edge wood products the quality and craftsmanship from Pence Engineering is unbeatable.

Pence Engineering was originally a foundation company out of Tulsa, started by John Pence’s grandfather. John later brought the name back but is not doing concrete and foundations. John has found a passion working with wood making an array of products, but specifically Pence Engineering want to provide a quality custom live edge wood table. So if you love to decorate with wood styles and love the look and aesthtetic that it can bring shop Pence Engineering online and checkout what great products there! from butcher blocks to custom tables we can create a lot.

So if it is not a custom live edge wood table or it is not one of the butcher blocks or other products we have, contact us by calling 417-844-3152 or email and we can talk about what it is you would like made and what the details are. We love being able to make awesome products and also changing up from what we do on a steady basis to make all sorts of custom projects and products for people. Check out our gallery to see some of OUR WORK or go to our CONTACT page to share more information.

Custom live edge wood table